Day 1:

28 June 2010

We decided to push back our departure from the 25th to the 28th so that our son, Devon, could attend MindQuest 2010 in Quakers Hill, NSW (about as far from Sydney as it sounds).  The removalists arrived Friday to pack up half of our home into boxes.  There have been so many guardian angels helping us make this trip possible.  We almost had to cancel because the original campervan we were renting was returned with a trashed differential.  But, we very fortunately were able to secure one last minute, but had to drive to Milperra (20+ minutes South of Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport) to pick up our campervan.   We had our driver’s licenses photocopied and then I drove back home while Rob got the run-down on how to turn on the gas, empty the black water cartridge (cringe), etc.

When I arrived back at the house, removalists were already busy packing up the 20-foot container that is going to take our belongings to Denver, Colorado.

Devon, Rob, Sydney Rachel and Jenna in front of our house with the KEA, Living Edge furniture rental truck and our 20-foot container ready to be loaded up.  It took about seven hours to get all the stuff out of our house.  It’s definitely time to re-evaluate our carbon footprint!

Once we (finally) got loaded up in the campervan (thanks to the help of yet more angels – Nicole and Bera), we hit the road (around 4:30).  Surprisingly, the traffic was flowing well for that time of the day and we managed to make it to Nowra on this, our first day of caravanning.

We plugged in at the Shoalhaven Village after a "healthy" KFC dinner.  Getting settled took some time.  We sort of "sprinted" out of the house, so we were quite disorganised.  But, after beds were made up and stuff was stashed, the kids were blissfully asleep.

Sleeping in a campervan this time of the year in southern NSW is chilly, but thanks for the extra doonas Rob arranged for, we were cozy!