Day 10:

7 July 2010

Today was the day we planned to blast through the Nullarboor Plain, which we succeeded in doing!  It included the longest straight length of road in Australia (90 Miles or 146.6 Kms).  The Nullarboor Plain is not nearly as plain as we thought it would be.  It included many green bushes and shrubs and even more trees than we expected.  We expected a more desert-like atmosphere with a completely flat, red and desolate landscape.  We covered nearly 750 kilometres today, so not many pictures or adventures.  We stopped in Norseman, WA for lunch at a local cafe (chicken and salad wraps) and supermarket shopping for more produce (ours was confiscated at the WA border quarantine yesterday).  After seeing the price of produce here in Norseman, I am convinced it is all a conspiracy to get people to support the local farmers (they claim it is to prevent the spread of fruit flies and disease, but fruit flies can fly so what's to keep them from crossing the border of their own volition, I mean really!

After a brief evening stop in Ravensthorpe for diesel, we have stopped at a rest stop to free camp for the night and have chicken stir fry and (hopefully) a really good night's sleep.