Day 13:

10 July 2010

As you may assume already, not all scenes of our journey are exciting adventures and big grins.  There are moments of breakdown and boredom, but in general we are having a fabulous experience.  Even better, Rob's beard is coming along nicely:

Although this trip is incredibly exciting, there are some boring bits, but Rob's gaining quite a beard...

Ah...civilisation.  Today we drove the relatively short distance from Fremantle to Perth.  With our strong desire to get ahead of schedule so we can linger in the warmer parts of the country, I asked my friend, Bera, what would be one thing she would do in Perth and she suggested the Kings Park.  We went there passing by Perth's Parliament House on our way.

Perth's Parliament House

The best part of Kings Park for Jenna was chatting up the volunteer ladies at the Information Centre about her Nature Club ( and what the local flora was like.  She asked some intuitive questions and learned a lot about banksia flowers, eucalyptus trees/illyarie (eucalyptus means "capped head"!) and honkey nut of the marri tree (dorymbia calophylla (fruit of the tree)).

Jenna displaying Kangaroo Paw flowers        Kings Park Main Entrance                                        Kangaroo Paw up close

We received excellent and informative guidance from the volunteers and decided to give up our craving for sushi and go to the Zamia Cafe near the Synergy Playground at the west end of the gardens.  We had a lovely, but overpriced, lunch and the kids had a great run around on the playground and had fun discovering the dinosaur and her eggs.

Devon in Dino bliss...            Jenna pushing Sydney Rachel on the swing        Sydney playing amongst dino eggs

After lunch, we drove around to the DNA Tower, two 100-step staircases intertwined like...well, DNA.   From there, we had a "bird's eye view" of the Perth CBD (Central Business District or "downtown").  Despite off and on rain showers, the sun was shining at that point so we got a great look at the skyscrapers.

            DNA Tower at Kings Park                                            Rob and Sydney Rachel on top of DNA Tower

We finished our visit to Kings Park by whispering to each other at the Whispering Wall - a war memorial that includes an eternal flame.  If one person sits at one end and speaks in a normal voice, a person sitting on the other end can hear them as though they are right next to them.

Five at the Whispering Wall at Perth's Kings Park


Eternal Remembrance at Kings Park         Whispering along the wall/remembering those who lost their lives in the wars

After our brief Perth visit, we continued north.  One of the diversions in Are We There Yet? is a visit to the Pinnacles Desert.  We took the side road to see them, but discovered from a tourist information site that the road to the actual Pinnacles is unsealed and technically it voids our insurance excess (deductible) if we go off road for more than one kilometre.  (no need to mention the mud incident near Dartmoor to Kea).  We did, however, find Emu Downs Wind Farm and saw kangaroos hopping around in the fields there.

It was pouring rain, so we didn't linger long.  We finally stopped and free camped near Eneabba.  The stars were incredible, once again!