Day 14:

11 July 2010

O.K.  I thought what we are doing was impressive, but we saw a woman running down the highway today in the middle of nowhere (near Eneabba, WA).  Nearby, there was a pink campervan which ended up at the petrol station where we stopped for diesel, cappucinos and ice creams for the kids (their reward for spending 30 minutes cleaning up the rest area where we free camped last night - the previous "tenants" had trashed the place).  Turns out the woman running was Deborah DeWilliams doing a world record run around Australia to raise money for breast cancer research.  It is her second attempt (the first time, she broke bones in her foot and was sidelined until she healed from the surgery to fix the break in which she had pins put in her foot.  Previously, she has run from Hobart to Darwin - a fantastic distance.  I was so inspired!

Have a look:

Later on, we met a retired man at a dump point along the highway (and, yes, a dump point is exactly what you think it is) who has been travelling around Australia for 10 years with his wife!  Seems they would go to a place thinking oh, we'll stay in Alice Springs for a month and then would stay or 12.  Impressive.

When we reached Geraldton, we saw the Leaning Tree which has grown that way due to the intense winds.  Interestingly, the sheep and pink cockatoos seem to have grown perfectly upright.

Leaning Tree signage                            4 out of 5 at the Geraldton Leaning Tree                            Our 5th

Sheep and pink cockatoos at the Leaning Tree