Day 15:

12 July 2010

We stayed last night at the Hamelin Pool Caravan Park where the old Telegraph Station is located.  It has a very sparse landscape with crunchy little shells blanketing the property.  Dinner was leftover green curry and penne pasta heated in the micro.  It was nice to have a shower in their clean facilities.

Can you ever get enough rainbows?

After a late-ish start this morning, we headed up past the 26th parallel to Monkey Mia - home of the Dolphin Information Centre.  The best time to see the dolphins is reported to be at 7:45 in the morning when the park rangers feed them.  We left our caravan park around 9:00 and were about an hour and a half away.  Fortunately, although there were no dolphins to be seen, we were patient and, as we were having our morning tea, we saw the fins of two dolphins come right up to the shore.  Devon got within a metre of the mother who was swimming slowly around with her calf.

Patience proved well worth it as we saw a mother dolphin and her calf after about 45 minutes of our arrival

A mother dolphin and her calf came up to check out Devon

Monkey Mia (pronounced "MY-ah" by the locals) has lovely grounds

Sydney Rachel had fun collecting shells with Rob...or was it Hugh Jackman?


The weather here is much warmer than what we have come from and we had to break out the suitcase from the storage area to find shorts and t-shirts.

We hope our next stop will be near Exmouth another 400Kms up the coast.  More later...