Day 16:

13 July 2010

This morning, we awoke at the Capricorn Caravan Park in Carnarvon, Western Australia.  It is a lovely caravan park with nice facilities, BBQ grill and even a pool (except it's too cold, yet).  There was a new moon last night, so even though we were in a town, we could still see hundreds (thousands?) more stars than we normally would in Sydney.

After a breakkie of oatmeal, toast, juice and coffee, we cleaned up, packed up and headed further north.  We are in the heart of the Outback, now.  Road houses and rest stops are few and very far between.  The soil is red and it is "the dry" (not the wet season), so riverbeds are empty and you can't believe the carnage on the side of the road...mostly cows, kangaroos, wallabies, and the occasional goat and we even saw an emu today.  We would very much like to see more living things out here, but mostly it's scavenger birds dining on the aforementioned carcasses.

There's not much to report today, as we are mostly making tracks north as quickly as feasible...we are hoping to have two whole nights in Broome...a luxury on this trip.  We intentionally opted to bypass Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth - a 160 Km diversion from our Highway 1 adventure, but I'm sure it would have been lovely.

As I write this, in the passenger seat of the KEA, we are driving through country that looks very much like America's southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, southern Colorado, etc.).  The sun is shining and the sky is a pale, cloudless blue.

The most exciting news is that Devon pulled out his second front tooth this morning before breakfast!

We will stay tonight at Point Samson, east of Karratha - 232 Kms southwest of Port's a point that juts out into the Indian Ocean and we can free camp there...just us and the mosquitoes!

More tomorrow...