Day 17:

14 July 2010

We drove something like 645 kilometres yesterday through Western Australia's vast desert.  The red soil and bush go on and on and on.  Our carrot at the end of a very long day through mining sites and past many an underweight cow was Point Samson, just north of Karrantha, WA - where we stopped to buy supplies at the Woolies supermarket and dine on KFC.

We arrived into Point Samson well after dark and weren't quite sure where we ended up free camping, but we knew it was on the water.  I promised Rob it would be worth it and, boy, was it.  We parked in the parking lot of "Honeymoon Cove" with two other vans and their inhabitants with a green flashing light showing the coast line.  Last night, it was pitch dark, but we could hear the lapping of waves on the coast line and see stars contrasting the black sky.  When the sun rose at 6:45, we opened the drapes to see this view out our back window:

Turns out our chance stop last night is in the guide book!

The kids had a fun time exploring the rocks and tide pools.  Jenna found a live crab among other "treasures"

Stacked stones at Honeymoon Cove, Samson Point in Western Australia

We parked late last night at what seemed like a random parking lot, Honeymoon Cove

The eagles and seagulls were enjoying the strong breezes that whipped through Honeymoon Cove in Samson Point this morning

After our cereal and orange juice breakfast and washing up, we hit the road again.  Today will be by far our longest driving day...nearly 800 kms from Samson Point near Karrantha, past Port Hedland to Broome.  The rest stops and caravan parks are few and far between out here and the road houses have little to offer (we have definitely left the land of cappuccino machines and cafes).  We were fortunate enough to find iced coffee in a carton at the Sand Fire Road House when we filled up before the 320 km trek to Broome.

A termite mound near the Sand Fire Road House in W.A.


Sydney "having a go" at the driver's seat    Jenna and Sydney taking a break from the open road

Highway 1 - Western Australia            Filling up at the Sand Fire Road House - a stop along the highway

Termite mounds abound in this part of the country.  The type of termites that do their work out here use grass rather than wood to build their extraordinary cities.

We drove past a bush fire after sunset - it was incredible to see the bright orange flames lapping the black bushes.

As it is school holidays, the caravan parks in Broome may be full, so despite our long journey to try to return to some sort of civilisation, we may end up free camping with the crocs tonight.

Stay tuned...