Day 19:

16 July 2010

We slept in the Town Beach/Apex Park parking lot again after spending a few hours outside the Broome Laundromat.  We very efficiently washed four loads of washing (sheets, towels, clothes, etc), but there was only one dryer that worked - thankfully, it was high capacity.  One out of six dryers worked, so it took a while.  While we were waiting, Devon and Rob watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while Jenna and Sydney Rachel washed dishes and read and I remade the beds and swapped our winter wardrobes for summer.  It was 30 degrees C. in Broome today.

After getting organised, we drove back to Apex Park and spent the night.  In the morning, we got up with the sun and drove out to the lighthouse at Gantheaume Point (near where we watched the sunset last night).  We roused the kids and hiked down below the lighthouse while the tide was low to see real dinosaur footprints.  Apparently, the footprints were left by a tridactyl (a large theropod) 130 million years ago.  ( .  It was very cool, but Devon (who is very into dinosaurs) wasn't nearly as impressed as we thought he would be.

Once we had our fill of dino prints and tide pooling, we hiked back up past clams, snails, and some beautiful live coral patches.  We saw a pair of eagles sharing their find at the top of the lighthouse and Rob captured some amazing photos of them flying.

We returned to Town Beach and had full breakkie at Stanley's Town Beach Cafe.  It was marvelous!  Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Pancakes, Eggs and Toast, smoothies and cappuccinos promptly reversed the savings we got from sleeping in the car park for two nights.  Worth it!

After breakkie, the kids had a play again in the water playground and on the grass near the Pioneers Cemetary while Rob and I got caught up on admin-type stuff.  Then, we filled up, dumped and all that fun stuff before going to Maccas for lunch so Rob could get high-speed internet access.  He ended up going to the Galactica Internet Cafe across the car park as the access was painfully slow at McDonalds for some reason.

Then, we were off driving again.  We drove along the Broome Highway and then diverted to the Derby Highway up to Derby where we stayed at the Derby Caravan Park for the night.

Only 222 Kms today.