Day 2:

29 June 2010

We awoke with the sun around 7:00 and had full breakfast thanks to Rob!  Today is my birthday, so I was a pampered queen most of the day.  We Christened the toaster and the new pans.  Because we ended up in a brand-new campervan, everything is new.  You might think this is a great thing, but you must remember that we have three smallish kids and, so far, pretty much every other sentence is "be careful!" or "don't stand on that!" or "eat over your plate!".  Since we are starting with a brand-new motor home, we are responsible for every nick, scratch, stain, etc. (no pressure!).

Anyhoo, after taking advantage of the shower facilities and lingering until about 11:00 or so, we finally got motivated.  Rob had discovered a place to buy me a birthday cake (sweetheart that he is), so we headed into Nowra city centre (which took all of about five minutes).  Then, we ate lunch at the Riverdeli Cafe...croque monsieur for me, sausages for Jenna and Devon and a toasted ham and cheese croissant for Rob and Sydney Rachel.  The coffee was Divine!

                        Devon (aged 7)                                                                       Sydney Rachel (aged 4)


                                                                    Jenna (aged 9)                                                                            Three Cheeky Monkies!

Rob ran to the Coles supermarket up the road for some fruit and other food essentials and we loaded back up.  We drove further south, passing many a cow and horse (and even a pelican and our first wallaby this trip) along the way.

I did some home schooling with the big kids along the way. Today we covered who were the 44 U.S. presidents...from George Washington to Barrack Obama.  I surprised myself with how much I remembered, but also learned a thing or two.  For instance, did you know that Bill Clinton played the saxophone and Teddy Bears were named after Theodore ("Teddy") Roosevelt?  I did not know that Herbert Hoover was a mining engineer in Australia and China before becoming President.  The kids seemed to enjoy learning new stuff about America - especially which presidents are on which notes/bills.  Jenna tried to sneak away the $20 and $5 we were working with, but I caught her before she pocketed the money.  :-)

The kids spent most of the journey to Eden reading, listening to music and mucking around (as much as you can strapped into your seat)

(Above):  Here we are taking a moment to appreciate the moment of Ulladulla (Left:  Rob and Liz/Right: Liz with Jenna)

I had a go at driving for about an hour.  The campervan is incredibly wobbly.  Since we are nearing the famous Great Ocean Road, the roads are very windy and so I was nervous I might tip the vehicle, but managed alright.

We made it as far as Eden today and camped at The Garden of Eden Caravan Park.  The facilities are very nice (they even have plinky plunky music playing in the toilet block that makes it feel like a spa (almost).

I made cous cous and kidney beans, salad and bread with crudités and hummous for a start.  And, of course, we each finished our meal with a gigantic slice of chocolate mud cake that Rob bought earlier in the day.  It said "Happy Birthday" on it and he added "Liz" with writing icing (too sweet!).  He also managed to find trick candles just to be sure I had to blow out 39 flames!

The kids and I watched part of "Evan Almighty" while Rob did the dishes.  After cleaning up, we fell asleep to the sound of the ocean waves crashing nearby.  Eden used to be a whaling town.  Thankfully, it is now famous for whale watching.

Tune in tomorrow for the our next adventure!