Day 20:

17 July 2010

This morning, we got up ate breakkie and showered and then packed up for a fun-filled day of driving.  We drove less then one kilometre to our first destination, the Boab Prison Tree, Myall's Bore and Stock Trough.  The Boab Prison Tree was used as an actual "prison" in darker times.  It's 45 metres in circumference, so there's room enough inside to house a person or two.

Five back packs in front of the 1500 year old Boab Prison Tree

After reading about the historical significance of the artifacts there, including the "Frosty Pool" - a cool pool established by a soldier for cooling down on hot days, we moved on to the main highway, the Northern Highway.  We stopped in Fitzroy Crossing to pick up lunch at the petrol station there and ate in the campervan.

The landscape is changing now that we are moving east again.  There are more gorges and vegetation along this part of the country.

Scenes from the Great Northern Highway

Then, we continued on to Halls Creek where we stayed the night at the Halls Creek Caravan Park.