Day 21:

18 July 2010

T'day we crossed the Western Australia/Northern Territory border.

The Western Australia/Northern Territory Border!

Life is a highway

We thought we were making such great progress!  Got going early, drove a long distance and then arrived at Timber Creek Caravan Park to find out that it was an hour and a half later due to the time change!  So, we thought we were arriving at 4:10p.m. (which would be the earliest we'd ever checked into a caravan park), but it was actually 5:40!  To top it off, we had missed the crocodile feeding at 5:00.  They had a pool, though, that the kids very much enjoyed.

Having a swim in the Timber Creek Caravan Park pool before dinner

Making what we thought was the best of it, we schlepped up to the Dining Room/Rooftop Beer Garden on top of the reception/petrol station cashier/convenience store/laundry for the caravan park for some dinner.  An hour after ordering, we asked if the lovely Irish woman running the pub (who was also the cashier downstairs just a half hour before) could find out where our food was and she said "five minutes".  We were very hungry and tired and, at this point, just wishing we had all made spaghetti in the campervan.  The food finally arrived and we ate, but there was some drama by a drunk, displeased patron who flipped his party's table over with all the plates and glasses still on it...quite shocking to us and our children.  It put a damper on the entire experience.

We went off to bed and hoped tomorrow we will have forgotten all the un-pleasantries.