Day 22:

19 June 2010

This morning we were greeted by our "neighbours" who invited Jenna and Sydney to see some cane toads near their caravan while Devon and Rob went to see the bats at the back of the caravan park (where the resident crocs live as well - there is croc feeding every evening at 5:00).

Warning sign at Timber Creek caravan park        ...and, the bats

After packing up and cleaning up, we finally got out of there at 10:00a.m. - not an ideal start to what would be a long day of driving.

Along our way, we saw a beautiful gorge through Gregory National Park.  The red earth is amazing.  There is more water in this area - where the creeks have been empty through most of Western Australia, now that we are in Northern Territory, some of the creeks seem to actually have water in them.

Gregory National Park

We saw what we hope was a controlled burn bush fire along the side of the road.  It's amazing how it doesn't seem to get out of control and burn everything in its path.  Our hope is that they are burning off the grass right by the side of the road to keep the roos from going too close to the highway as we have seen far too much road kill on this journey.

Bush fire along the Victoria Highway

Our first stop after leaving Timber Creek was Katherine, a much more major town than any since Broome.  We ate lunch at Subway (a much appreciated change after all the road house fried foods).  Since Devon finished his Harry Potter book, we've been trying to find the next one (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).  Unfortunately, the Target and the Newsagent in Katherine didn't have it.  Rob bought groceries at Woolworths and then we hit the road again.

The largest termite mound in the capital of the Never Never

A very pleasant surprise after Katherine was the Pink Panther Hotel, next to a World War II airstrip which we turned off to see and ended up at the Pink Panther.  A lovely couple runs a free zoo there as well as a hotel/caravan park.  The kids had fun looking at (live) wallabies, freshies, a salt water croc, and many exotic birds and snakes (including the children's python and the desert python).  They had cold drinks and clean bathrooms, so it was a much appreciated break.

Devon and Jenna with the Pink Panther at Larrimah

A pink cockatoo, 4-metre croc and a Rainbow Lorikeet at the Free Zoo at Larrimah

Later down the road, we stopped to see the Historic Daly Waters Pub - a sight to see.  Bras, briefs, sporting shirts, cricket bats and much, much more hang from the ceiling and walls of this oasis in the middle of nowhere.  It was packed with people - which, after a look at the adjoining caravan park, we assume was full of caravan park tenants.  They offer a beef and barra barbeque from 6:30 every night.  Unfortunately, their first sitting wasn't until 8:00p.m., so we passed and continued down the road, but we would have loved to have stayed there.

Signs outside the Historic Daly Waters Pub in NT

Further down the road, we stopped for dinner and then continued another 30Kms or so to Dunmarra, NT and parked for the night at a powered sight in the caravan park there.  The park wasn't nearly as crowded as Daly Waters and we appreciated the clean facilities.  They even had a pool and had just finished a projection screen film when we arrived.

We covered 586Kms today.