Day 24:

21 July 2010

Today was a long day of driving.  We covered 651 Kms across the remainder of NT and a good chunk of Queensland.  We opted to skip breakfast and stop at the supermarket in Tennant Creek for supplies and then pressed on back to Threeways Roadhouse for bacon and egg sandwiches and yummy homemade apple and raspberry muffins and more diesel.

Five back packs at the Northern Territory/Queensland Border!

Then, we were off again across the Barkly Highway.  The kids did some homeschooling activities and also watched movies, shows, and read.  Jenna is now reading Devon's copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and it is really great to listen to them discuss the plot line and characters.  Sydney Rachel mostly enjoys doing the Toy Story read along book on Rob's iPad and drawing, or singing to herself as the kms click by.

We finished the night - late again due to the darn time change again - at 7:00p.m. and then made spaghetti dinner in the campervan.   Tonight, we are free camping outside of Mount Isa - "the largest industrial and commercial centre in north-west Queensland."  Mount Isa is famous for its mines (historically copper, silver, lead and zinc) and the Riversleigh Fossils Centre which claims to offer a rare glimpse about animals and birds that existed in the area 25 million years ago.  If we get an early enough start in the morning, we may go check it out!


P.S.  I'm feeling better today - even took a shift at driving for about 170Kms after lunch.  I think I've drunk about four litres of water to stave off the dehydration.