Day 29:

26 July 2010

Travellers Rest was good to us.  They had the cleanest facilities of any we've been to so far, which was a nice treat.  After a breakfast of oatmeal, we packed up and moved the campervan about 200 metres to the beach entrance which was part of the caravan park.  Midge Point beach has very grey sand.  When we arrived, the tide was very low and had a very Ansel Adams feel to it.  Cool breezes stroked us as we explored the beach.  Going south again, we are experiencing cooler weather.  It is still mid-winter here, so it's no surprise (but a little disappointing) that it is quite cool, overcast and rainy at times.

Scenes from Midge Point beach

We moved on and drove to Mackay, where we loaded up three washers of clothes, and ran to the market to refill some essential supplies.  We then returned to the laundromat, moved our clothes to the dryer, and grabbed lunch at a local Cafe.  Overall, it was a very productive stop in Mackay, and we continued south toward Rockhampton.  It is beautiful varied landscape between rolling hills and wide open plains.  As we approached Rockhampton and discovered the very expensive caravan park options there, we decided to knock-off early and spend the night in Marlborough, which is about 100kms north of Rockhampton.  It was nice to finish a bit early and relax before Rob made a simple dinner of Fried Rice.  We ended the evening with a family movie (Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories), which Devon decided to skip so that he could have more time reading his next Harry Potter book.

The landscape is becoming mountainous as we travel south through Queensland (Bruce Highway (1))

A Mackay, QLD laundromat where we did our washing today and Coady's Cafe where we picked up lunch (yummy wraps with heaps of salad!)

A sugar cane refinery smoking away


Today, we received word from Rob's mother that his godfather, Terry Johnson, has disappeared in his airplane coming back from a canoeing trip in Canada on Saturday.  His children are updating people on the search for him at

We are putting out positive thoughts that he will return safely to his family soon.