Day 33:

30 July 2010

This morning we weren't in a hurry to get out of Hervey Bay, but I had booked in with a doctor at 71 Main Medical Centre because I've developed an awful cough that keeps me up in the night.  Although not a fan of Western medicine and antibiotics, they clearly have their place.  So, after about five sleepless nights, I decided to get outside helps as hot toddy's, large doses of vitamin C, herbs designed to help with cough, ear ache, sore throat, etc. weren't helping.  I blame the cough and lack of sleep for my demise.  So, by 8:00a.m., we were fed, showered and packed up ready to go for my 8:10 appointment with Dr. Potter.  As I expected, he prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler (plus, steam therapy).  My physical body clearly doesn't like all this driving!  Fortunately, the rest of the family is healthy, so it's not a big drama.

After filling the script and getting some groceries, we drove down the highway to Gympie where we found  yummy coffee and a lovely park encompassing a mining museum in the Lake Alford Recreation Area to eat sandwiches in the shade while watching waterfowl enjoy the lake.

Ibis in Lake Alford in Gympie, QLD

Then, we were off again.  But, we were not very highly motivated to get very far.  We stopped of at Noosa Heads to run about six loads of wash through the laundromat.  The Powder Blue laundry in Noosa Heads is located a stone's throw from the Main Beach and is, by far, the best facility we've experienced.  The couple that runs it was kind enough to move our clothes from the super load washers to the efficient dryers, so we were freed up to do some body surfing on the beach.

Four on Main Beach in Noosa Heads, Queensland

Noosa Heads' Main Beach is a man-made beach in a wealthy neighbourhood

A lovely couple we met on the car ferry from Fraser Island the previous evening came up to us on the beach at Noosa Heads. They had travelled from Wagga Wagga to Cairns when their six (yes, 6!) kids were young.  They are now retired and, if I may say, doing it right travelling around Australia together.

Rob worked with Jenna on her body surfing skills at Noosa Heads' Main Beach

Rob body surfing on Noosa Heads' Main Beach

Devon and Sydney Rachel enjoy playing in the wet sand - Noosa Heads' Main Beach

Liz surfing on Main Beach (just kidding, I have no idea who that girl is)


Jenna came out of the water complaining about her left thigh.  Turns out, she was stung by a jellyfish and there was a vein-like whip mark on her upper thigh.  We stopped into the surf life saving shack, but they recommended only heat or ice rather than the vinegar I requested.  So, we put an ice pack on her thigh and then bought all the kids smoothies at a nearby fruit and veg shop after picking up the clean clothes.

We also picked up some meat pies (free range Thai Chicken Curry flavoured!).  Then, we were off again, but this time only to just south of Beerwah, Sunshine Coast...home of Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.   Due to a music festival in the area, all the caravan parks nearby were full for the night, so we stopped at a rest area with toilets and picnic tables.  It was the best we could do given that it was already getting dark.  Little did we know, it was flanked not only by the highway, but a commuter train line (that runs all night, apparently).  Needless to say, between coughing fits, and train traffic, sleep was a stranger.

But, we have the Australia Zoo to look forward to tomorrow, so it's all good.