Day 37:

3 August 2010

Last night, we drove from Gold Coast to Mullumbimby New South Wales (near Byron Bay) where my good friend, Ange, lives with her daughter (Jenna's good friend), Tiane (who Jenna started kindergarten with back in 2006).

We arrived just in time for vegetarian tacos and then we all crashed.  Ange has a good sized house but not enough beds for our brood, so we brought in our cushions, linens and pillows from the campervan and the kids bunked up in Tiane's room.  It was by far our best night's sleep on the trip.

Then, this morning, we slept in a bit and had oatmeal and passionfruits from Ange's garden (heaven!).  It is cooler here, but with the sun out, it's quite pleasant.  Today, we recovered from so much driving and so many adventures.  Around 10:30, Ange encouraged Rob and I to go to the Kiva Spa in town (where Angela used to work as a massage therapist) while she tended to the kids.  It didn't take much convincing and we were off shortly after with massage appointments booked for 12:00.

The Kiva Spa is a modest garden retreat in the heart of Mullumbimby, a small, quaint town about a half hour drive west of Byron Bay.  The experience involves warming up in their octagon-shaped sauna, then having a plunge in a cool pool followed by a soak in the hot tub (spa).  Then, we rested in chairs and sipped herbal tea until our therapists were ready.  Rob and I each enjoyed hour long massages and I treated myself to an hour long pampering facial while he read and relaxed some more in the gardens.  Sound expensive?  Well, the very best part about the Kiva Spa is the price.  All in, for everything, we paid AU$245.00.

On our way back to the campervan, we picked up vegetarian Vietnamese rolls, veg sushi rolls and fresh made juice (apple, celery, carrot and beetroot) from Santos Wholefoods little cafe.  Yum!  It was the ultimate finish to a healthy couple of hours.

Back at Ange's, the kids were just playing happily.  I fed them some afternoon tea (snack) and then they all paraded across the road and a field to a neighbour's with the compost bucket to feed their chickens ("chooks").  They seemed to have a great time and it gave Angela and I some time to catch up over a hot cup of dandelion tea with milk and palm sugar.  So soothing!

We very much enjoyed just relaxing, reading, chatting and being still for a change.  Then, Ange and I started dinner.  She made daal (a traditional Indian lentil dish) and brown rice.  Dessert was a Sara Lee apple pie a la mode!

Bed time routine is done and now all the kids are sleeping peacefully.

No photos today (Rob and I gave ourselves the day off).  But, stay tuned...there's still at least six more days of this adventure to go!