Day 38:

4 August 2010

A lily in Ange's house

Ah...laundry day.  Today was a beautiful, sunny warm spring-like day in Mullumbimby.  Line drying went well today due to the wonderful weather conditions here.  We had porridge again with cardamom and cinnamon courtesy of Angela and I made blended juices with apple/mango juice and passion fruit from a tree in Ange's garden.  It has been glorious to sleep in a non-moving house for the past two nights.

Still life with passion fruit

Today. Jenna went to school with Ange's daughter, Tiane.  Tiane attends Shearwater Steiner School here in Mullumbimby.  They boarded the bus at about 8:15.  School begins at 9:00.  Jenna was nervous (Steiner has a dramatically different curriculum to what she's been used to at Mosman Public School), but she soldiered on and ended up having a great day.

Tiane and Angela waiting for bus

Meanwhile, we had a nice, relaxing day.  Angela and I went to a small, intimate yoga class taught by her friend, Jeanette.  It felt so good to move and stretch (and try a new yoga pose I had never done, the noose pose, with added standing and balancing).  Then, back at Ange's, I spent some time helping her with her digital photos and such and we had leftovers for lunch.  Angela had an appointment, so I puttered around the house while Rob relaxed and read and Devon and Sydney Rachel played happily until Angela came back with Jenna, Tiane and the class bunny, Persia.

        Rob enjoying some much needed down-time            Devon reading his Harry Potter book                            Sydney Rachel fresh out of a bath

View of Mount Chincogan from Ange's front window

Then, Angela and I went for a walk out to the water in a nearby town, Brunswick Heads while Rob organised all the kids and drove them to Milk and Honey Woodfired Pizza.  We met them there and had a scrumptious dinner.  After dinner, Rob took the kids back home and got them into bed.  Ange and I went to the Kiva Spa for Ladies Night.  We thoroughly enjoyed the ritual of the octagonal sauna, then the plunge pool and the hot tub in the garden under the star-filled night sky (we also enjoyed therapeutic massages).  Afterwards, we went back home and melted into bed.

Liz and Angela enjoy some girl time at Brunswick Heads

Tiane and Jenna at Milk and Honey Woodfired Pizza