Day 4:

1 July 2010

Today was absolutely incredible!  We started with breakkie in the campervan (oatmeal, toast, etc) and Jenna did the washing up.  Then, we departed across the top of Melbourne going just close enough to see the tall buildings in the CBD (Central Business District) to Tullamarine (where the airport is located).  Why the diversion, you might ask?  Well, our water tank has been leaking and we couldn't get DVDs to play in the ever-critical DVD player.  So, the lovely gents at KEA hoisted the big dog up and took a look.  Turns out, the relief hose was improperly installed.  The repair was quick and painless.  As for the DVD player, well, (and I blush as I write this), we were putting the disc in backwards.  So, all's well that ends well.

Jenna washing the breakfast dishes  


The amazingly helpful and expedient boys at the KEA Depot in Tullamarine (Melbourne)

Jenna checking her e-mail on the iPad

After that ordeal, with kids quite literally bouncing off the walls of the reception area (and me having enjoyed two cuppas and nearly bouncing myself), we opted for Maccas drive through and topped up the diesel.  One of the fun aspects to this adventure is trying to keep just about anything on the table in the back while the vehicle is moving.  I may very well have grey hair by the end of this trip!

We were off!  After about an hour of driving (and very briefly getting turned around in Melbourne), we finally found the very famous Great Ocean Road (so THIS was what everyone's been raving about!).  The photos tell the story, but suffice it to say it was miraculous!  We even saw a FULL rainbow in all its glory:

The official entrance to the Great Ocean Road


                        The Five Backs on the Great Ocean Road

Devon "skydiving" (and, nearly giving his mother a heart attack)        Sydney Rachel and Rob at Cape Patton off the GOR

                                                    Stunning!                                                                                  Windy roads make the experience all the more exciting!

                    Somewhere over the Great Ocean Roadbow...

More off the Great Ocean Road...and a sensible driving suggestion for tourists...

We finished our day by checking into the Pisces Holiday Park in Apollo Bay.  With a lovely water view and clean facilities, we are rapt!

See you tomorrow!