Day 40:

6 August 2010

In the Bible, everything monumental takes 40 days.  Well, today, we are feeling the momentous-ness of making it to Day 40 of this adventure.

We got up early and, shortly after, Rob announced that he wanted today to be his Father's Day (at the beginning of this trip, we told him he could choose any day on the trip to be his Father's Day since he's missed it in the U.S. and will miss it in Australia (in America, it's in June and here in Australia, it's in September).  That means that he could sleep in and not have to do anything (no driving, no filling up the car with diesel, no cooking or cleaning (or blackwater dumping)).  It also means he's right all day (no arguments!).  Thankfully, he went easy on us and, since Father's Day is coming up soon, we were even able to buy him a Father's Day card, which he enjoyed.

The view we woke up to this morning (from Repton, NSW rest area)

After packing up at our free camp area south of Coffs Harbour, I drove us south of Port Macquarie to Newcastle, NSW.  Along the way, we stopped in to Fredo's in Frederickton for their Famous pies.  They have some 50 selections of pies (everything from apple to crocodile and even (I hate to even admit this after our Broome experience...) camel).  I had a chicken apricot one, the kids all tried a safe choice of apple and Rob had their signature croc pie.

Fredo's Famous Pies

Yes, there is no end to the adventures here in the land of Oz.

We are back in wine country, just at the top end of the Hunter Valley.  We finished the day at the Stockton Beach Tourist Caravan Park near Newcastle that is right on the water.  The facilities are clean and immaculate.  The kids very much enjoyed the playground and we enjoyed an after dinner starlit walk on the beach before bed.

Stockton Beach Lookout

Until tomorrow...

Stockton Beach Shoreline