Day 41:

7 August 2010

Our final night in the campervan was relatively uneventful.  We woke up this morning in Stockton Beach and had breaky and showers, did a quick load of laundry and emptied the black and grey waters one last time before pulling out of the caravan park. 

Sydney Rachel after her last caravan park shower (for a while, at least)

We headed further south and had lunch at the Wildflower Garden just outside of Mona Vale (a northern suburb of Sydney).  At about 2:00, we met Rob's colleague and one of the prime encouragers of this adventure around Australia, Michael Pain, at his beach house in Avalon.

We enjoyed cups of tea and just recapping the trip for a while and the kids played.  Later on, we moved some things into their house where we would be sleeping.

Devon shaking paws with Rudy, Michael Pain's dog

Rob catching up with Michael, the mastermind behind us attempting the Are We There Yet? itinerary

At 5:00, we headed into the town centre of Avalon in the campervan  to meet Michael's wife, Lisa, and their two children, Oscar (5) and Madeleine (soon to be 3) at Lucky's Gourmet Pizza where we dined.  The pizza and Greek salad were quite tasty.  They even have gluten-free pizza, which is helpful for people with gluten intolerance.

After dinner, Rob ran up the road to the supermarket and picked up a few essentials and ice cream!

Back at their place, the kids played some more and we eventually put them all to bed.  Devon and Oscar bunked up together in Oscar's room, which Devon loved because, for the past six weeks he's only had his sisters to play with and the boy company was much needed.  The girls slept downstairs with Rob and I in the guest apartment.

We enjoyed some adult conversation and Australian and New Zealand pinot noir before retiring ourselves.