Day 5:

2 July 2010

I love technology!  I am writing the update for today in the campervan while Rob is driving 100 Kms/hour on curvy Highway 1 roads at night...oh, yeah, in the rain.

We were slow going this morning because where we camped at the Pisces Holiday Park was so exquisite.  It simply warranted a walk on the beach and a play in the playground.

Jenna (a Pisces astro sign) in front of the Pisces Holiday Park Sign        Bouncing on the play equipment at Pisces Holiday Park

We finally got outta there at 11:00 a.m. and made our way, slowly but surely, to the 12 Apostles (which have dwindled to 11 in the past years as one fell into the ocean)...must have been Paul...poor guy.

Rob, Devon and Liz at the 12 Apostles Lookout (with organic coffee served at the kiosk)

Liz in front of 12 Apostles rock formation                                        Some of the (now) 11 Apostles

Sydney Rachel in front of the 12 Apostles

Lunch was canned soup, leftover spaghetti, etc. in the 12 Apostles car park.  During the drive, we covered Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion equations and discussed weather and climates (Devon very astutely asked "can it be sunny in one part of the country and cold and rainy in the next state over?" which prompted the home schooling lesson for today.  Down the road further, we discovered the "London Bridge", an amazing formation that used to be a complete bridge until the middle bit fell into the ocean:

Five hours later, we decided to "free camp" for the first time.  For those of you who have never caravan camped before, this involves not being hooked up to power in a caravan park and not having a water source (or heat).  So, we stopped in Heywood, VIC at the IGA Express for essentials for dinner and filled up our 110 litre water tank at a petrol station and headed into the darkness in search of the Fort O'Hare camping reserve in Dartmoor.  We had to go into the local hotel/motel/pub and ask directions.  The nice barman was happy enough to tell us we were very close and just had to make a turn and go down the road a bit.  Well, I don't know what we were expecting, but we drove down this dark and foggy road until we saw a sign that said "Fort O'Hare".  That's all there was.  A sign...and a grassy area with a tree in the middle with trees surrounding it.  It was VERY dark at this point (7:00p.m. in winter, you can imagine).  We saw a rubbish bin under the central tree and then wondered if there was more.  We followed the dirt (let me re-phrase...muddy) road to a hill.  I said "uh, I wouldn't go down that hill" (did I mention it had been raining for several hours?).  Well, Rob being the courageous being he is decided to go for it.  We got down the hill and part way up the other side of the hill before the tyres started spinning.  The kids were in the back being kids and I was white nuckled in the passenger seat in the cab.  Long story short, Rob was able to back down and then fully up the crest of the other part of the hill to the flat bit and then turn around and return to where the tree was.

Rutledge pride

As I write this, we are snuggled in our bed, kids are asleep and we've made and eaten Thai Massaman Curry with Chicken and had a couple glasses of wine.  All's well that ends well.