Day 8:

5 July 2010

We woke up this morning and had a look outside the campervan.  No kangaroos or wallabies had surrounded us in the night.  Sydney Rachel commented that she "saw kangaroos dancing around the fire last night".  Rob and I looked at each other.  How did she know about the fire ring?  Too funny!

Our view upon waking this morning

After oatmeal, toast and juice (free camping style), we drove down the road to Wudinna and got homemade pastries, large cappuccinos and directions at the Wudinna Bakery.  The staff there were most helpful!  Thanks!

To give you an idea of how remote we are, not even the GPS could find this road to Port Kenny today

About 120Kms down the road (we took a short cut to Port Kenny on the way instead of driving all the way around the peninsula as Google Maps and our GPS suggested), we arrived at Venus Bay, SA (a diversion recommended by the ladies at the Wudinna Bakery).  It was stunning!  Not only that, we saw five dolphins catching waves.  It was incredibly exciting.  Sydney thought we were at the "Bight" (at dinner later on, we decided that was the "little bight").  Gotta love kids.

An unplanned, but well worth it diversion...Venus Bay


Completely ignoring warning signs, Rob and the kids had fun throwing rocks back at the ocean

Sydney happy as a clam                                                                Your blog hostess, Liz

Travelling can be wearying, but blissful moments like this make it all worth it!

Dolphins at Venus Bay


After grabbing a lunch of pasties and hot dogs at the local diner/cafe/bait shop, we stopped briefly to dump our recycling in a bin and saw five pelicans with their seagull friends on the beach.  The kids were SO excited!

Jenna found pelicans on the beach at Venus Bay, SA

Then, we drove up the peninsula to find Murphy's Haystacks, large rock formations out in the middle of a big field, sort of like Stonehenge, except nature-made rather than man-made.  We tried to reproduce what the family did in Are We There Yet?, plus we added our own sense of style.  Have a look:


Y.M.C.A. ?

Liz's Yoga Journal Moment and Devon surfing the Murphy's that "Murphing"?

Once we felt like we had explored the haystacks as much as our tight time table allowed, we motored up the road to Streaky Bay, home of the famed plastic Great White Shark.  We thought for sure it would be in a museum, but no joy as the town's museum is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays and today was a Monday.  Turns out, "Jaws" (or whatever his name is) is housed at a Shell Station near the beach.  We found him, posed appropriately and then bought the kids the ice cream we bribed them with to get them back in the campervan after Murphy's Haystacks.

Feeding Jenna to the Great White Shark in Streaky Bay, SA

Then, it was time to make up for some lost time and we blasted through to Ceduna, famed home to the Ceduna Oyster Bar on the road side ("across from the BP Roadhouse").  We filled up the campervan with diesel, Jenna got herself locked in the bathroom, but was soon freed (no dramas), picked up some supplies at the local Foodmart and, at long last, found the oyster bar (with it's rooftop dining area).  I picked up six natural oysters and slurped them down before we were two Kms down the highway.

The Oyster Bar

The scenery was fairly monotonous after that, so we did some home schooling, discussing America's Independence Day (which was today in the States).  The kids were mildly interested and mostly cared about the fact that fireworks are set off on this day every year.  They have also been reading fiends.  Jenna finished her book today and Devon is about halfway through his book.  Sydney is perfectly blissfully happy to draw and sing to herself all day.

Our final destination this evening was the Nundroo Roadhouse (still in South Australia).  We topped up the petrol and parked.  Although they have warm(ish) showers here, they are the worst we've seen.  Plus, the star gazing isn't nearly as incredible as last night.  But, alas, it's an opportunity to get cleansed and be plugged into power for a night (my laptop that I write these blogs from was dead this afternoon, so you can imagine how very critical being plugged in is!). We cleaned out the fridge of leftovers and recapped the day with big grins on our faces.  Such a great day!