Day 9:

6 July 2010

Our signal was minimal all last night and today out here on the Nullarboor Plain.  I was able to get just enough 3G signal to post our blog for yesterday, but it was challenging at best.

Today, we covered a good distance but had a late start (nearly 11:00a.m.) so didn't get as far as we had hoped.  Our first stop was to see the Southern Right Whales at the Head of Bight on the edge of the roundy bit at the bottom of the country called the Nullarboor Plain.  Southern Right Whales used to be hunted and their numbers dwindled from over 60,000 to around 7,000.  In 1935, they were declared protected and their numbers increase by about 7% a year.  Approximately 10% of new Southern Right Whale births occur in the Head of Bight (about 45 calves are born each year here).  Their migration season begins in June, so we were very fortunate to be coming through now because we saw at least six whales, one which was a mum with her calf.  Have a look:

A Mother Southern Right Whale and Her Calf enjoying the waters at the Head of Bight

Jenna with a whale skull of a whale that washed up on the shores of the Head of Bight last March                         4 out of 5

Whale Tail

After lunch, we reached the Great Australian Bight off the Nullarboor Plain.  The Nullarboor is a long stretch of road with "few trees", although we found it to be quite rich in vegetation.  We watched out for the animals on the sign, but only saw a wallaby family and a kangaroo (no camels, yet, but I still hold out hope of seeing one tomorrow!).

Watch for these animals on future blog posts!

Fivebackbacks at the Great Australian Bight Marine Park

A warning sign at the Great Australian Bight Marine Park (there are no barriers of any kind)

The Nullarboor Plain is just a really, really long road, but we found it much more interesting than most guidebooks claim it to be.

We opted to stay at the Caiguna Roadhouse, a very basic caravan park.  I think Rob thinks we would have been better off free camping tonight, but then we would miss this exciting tid bit:

Warning sign at the Caiguna Roadhouse Ladies Toilets (I'm sure we'll sleep peacefully knowing these guys are out there!)